What is a Big ball of mud?! It is the tipical anti-pattern that you can find realized in many software products (ref. Wikipedia):

A big ball of mud is a software system that lacks a perceivable architecture. Although undesirable from an engineering point of view, such systems are common in practice due to business pressures and developer turnover

A software architecture such this one generates frustration, both to software architects, developers and business men. It is the absolute evil, the kind of mistake that every designer has to avoid.

How to write good code

So, it is important that every software architect and developer learns very well solutions architects with more experience found in their career. It is important to create a knowledge base of software engineering. I perfectly know that this is impossible and that I am not the right person to accomplish this task. But, I am sure that I can make this world a better world.

I am currently a senior Java developer for an italian system integrator and I am contract professor of the Software Engineering course at Department of Mathematics of University of Padua, Italy.

But, first of all I am a NERD, completely addicted to computer science.

PS: Thanks to xkcd.com to exist